Hamilton Stamping Ltd.

Hamilton Stamping Limited has been in business since 1986 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our core business is designing and producing stamped high quality parts using precision dies.

Custom and Design Services

Custom Solutions, Prototyping & Design Services
Hamilton Stamping delivers maximum value to our customers by beginning to work with them when they are in the early design for their product. We then bring our extensive knowledge and expertise in the science of parts production to bear on the challenge of producing the needed parts to the required quality at the minimum cost.

We use efficient prototyping approaches and our Pro/Engineer computer-based CAD system to develop the master design for both the part you require and the tooling needed to produce it efficiently. This system allows us to quickly evolve the design to meet changing needs as the design process continues.

We enthusiastically undertake jobs of any size from one-off development prototypes to small lot production to volume production. We produce parts from a wide variety of materials such as steel, copper, brass, bronze and plastic.

Brass, Bronze, and Copper Parts

Brass washer

2″ Brass Washer produced from brass coil for use in a Smith valve in a freight car brake system using a compound blanking die

Brush Holder

2″ generator brush holder produced from water jet cut sheets of brass for a manufacturer of industrial brushes using multiple forming single stage dies.

Contact Assembly

3″ electrical contact assembly produced from EDM produced blanks using brass and copper sheet and shaped using multiple single stage forming dies and then assembled

battery contact

0.5″ battery contact produced from coils of beryllium copper using a multi-stage progressive tooling die for a manufacturer of video systems for the disabled

Bronze Spring

4″ Bronze Spring produced from coils of bronze for use in custom electrical equipments using multiple single stage dies

Wire Connector

2427 Wire Connector produced from coils of copper for use in custom electrical equipments using multiple single stage dies


3″ electrical contact produced from copper bar for use in custom electrical equipments using multiple single stage dies