Hamilton Stamping Ltd.

Hamilton Stamping Limited has been in business since 1986 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our core business is designing and producing stamped high quality parts using precision dies.


We have selected the following stories from the many experiences we have had delivering a wide array of different stamped parts and assemblies to our customers in many different industries. These stories clearly show the scope and breadth of the products and services.

“Wabco Story”

Hamilton Stamping delivers a wide array of parts and satisfies Wabco’s lean manufacturing requirements

Wabtec is one of North America’s largest, most comprehensive suppliers of products, services and systems for the global rail industry. Through its subsidiaries, the company manufactures a broad range of components for locomotives and freight cars, including state-of-the-art electronic train-control systems. Wabtec also builds new environmentally friendly, low-horsepower locomotives and provides after-market services, such as locomotive overhaul and re-manufacturing for locomotive and freight car fleet maintenance. Wabco (formerly the Westinghouse Air Brake Company) is a division of Wabtec, which focuses on the manufacturing of air brake systems for railway cars.

Wabco had been working unsuccessfully with one of their suppliers to remedy a problem with a slide valve spring, a stamped metal part that is an integral part of the triple valve component of their brake system. They were dealing with very tiny loads and very exact insertion pressures in a part that was critical in optimally controlling the braking time of a train, which is critical to safe operations. Wabco had a problem with parts that were being delivered out of specification and suggested that the tooling was defective.

Wabco then approached Hamilton Stamping. We took their specification and built tooling and production parts exactly to their specification. We worked closely with Wabco Engineers to ensure these new parts worked properly in their existing valve components. Through this collaboration, we came up with slight design modifications to achieve the best possible functionality.

Approximately 30,000 of these parts are being produced annually from ¾ hard 301 stainless steel. We have further evolved our production processes so that we are working under blanket orders from Wabco and shipping parts on demand.

In addition to producing these springs for Wabco, the array of parts we produce for them includes stops, handles, shims, washers, and other springs.

“Superior Boiler Works and Welding Limited”

Hamilton Stamping displaces fabrication for the production of complex low volume components

Superior Boiler Works and Welding Limited builds and maintains boiler and heating systems. Superior was having difficulty fabricating several key components of their boiler systems economically and, in some cases, to the quality they required.

The first challenge they brought to Hamilton Stamping was a spout. In order to fabricate it, they had to bend a pipe, shape it and then cut it off. Once this was done, they still did not have the level of quality in the part that they wanted. Using our stamping expertise and technology we were able to start with a blank and then draw it up to exactly the shape they wanted economically and quickly.

This challenge was then followed by a request for production of a part best described as a “little dished but corrugated” component that they just couldn’t fabricate. Again, stamping was the answer.

The challenges grew as they brought in more parts such as heat resistant stainless steel nozzles for gas burners for boilers. Fabricating them would have resulted in a lot of wasted expensive material. And after welding the parts together, they still would not get the quality part that they needed. They really wanted a single solid burner piece. We built the dies to stamp a cone that precisely met their requirements. The first burner was produced in a volume of 50 pieces. They then brought us a second different burner design and we produced another 70 pieces.

Then they challenged us further: “If you can do that, then make us a coupling piece to have one pipe fit onto the same size pipe”. For them, this operation was a labour intensive fabricating process. We came up with a way to swage the original pipe to fit onto itself.

These jobs clearly demonstrated that stamping can be more cost effective than fabricating even at these low volumes for certain fabricated component designs.

“Sb Marketing”

Hamilton Stamping effectively partners with others to meet a variety of customer needs

Sb Marketing is a consulting company which specializes in supply chain management and represents a select group of manufacturers

They originally came to Hamilton Stamping curious about the potential of adding stamping capabilities to the machining services that they traditionally represented.

Sb marketing appreciates our being very innovative. They tell the story of HSL developing a “nifty” approach to stamping a pronged BBQ cooking assembly which replaced a hand forming operation and reduced the price of the assembly significantly. Thousands of each of two styles of BBQ assemblies have been produced. Hamilton Stamping both gave them increased quality and saved them money.

Subsequent to this success, another half dozen parts have been produced for Sb Marketing’s customers. These parts include throttle levers, ballast springs, angle brackets, retainer locking pins and stainless steel backing plates. Many of these parts orders have included requests for additional finishing operations to be performed on the parts.

On several occasions, Sb Marketing’s clients have had urgent last minute needs for parts to be produced using their dies. Hamilton Stamping was able to quickly allocate production facilities to the task and easily meet their requests.

Sb Marketing prizes Hamilton Stamping as a supplier not just for the quality of our work but also because we are a “low maintenance” supplier who can be relied on to deliver on time. We keep them advised on production and delivery status without requiring follow-up on their part, saving them time and money in their management processes.

“Goodrich Landing System”

Hamilton Stamping competitively delivers aerospace products in low volumes

“Goodrich Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier of aerospace components, systems and services with an enviable record of profitable growth. With annual revenues of $4.2 billion, Goodrich ranks as one of Fortune magazine’s “Most Admired” aerospace companies and as one of Forbes magazine’s “400 Best Big American Companies.”

“Goodrich offers an extensive range of products, systems and services for aircraft and engine manufacturers, airlines and other operators. The company’s 10-fold increase in aerospace sales in as many years and strong financial performance have been driven by strategic acquisitions and internal growth fueled by innovation and quality. From aerostructures and avionics to landing gear, engine components, sensors and safety systems, Goodrich products are on almost every aircraft in the world.”

Goodrich needed to manufacture an adjustable shim made from “peel away” stainless steel. This material consists of 2 thousandth thick layers of stainless shim stock epoxy bonded together to produce shims of various thicknesses. In their final application, layers are peeled off to get the required shim size for a given situation.

Goodrich found it difficult to use their standard machining operations to produce these parts. The shims were prone to delaminating during the cutting operation raising safety issues.

Our expertise allowed us to develop a process to cut the shims to their exacting tolerances quickly and efficiently. A few dozen pieces of each shim size were produced in various thicknesses.

We have also produced other parts for Goodrich including intricate, heat-treated fasteners made from 17-7 Stainless Steel in batches of only twenty pieces to meet immediate needs.

The Goodrich story shows that we are able to effectively and efficiently respond to orders of very small lot size production runs.

“Fox 40 International”

Hamilton Stamping produces a completely assembled international product endorsed by the NHL

“It all began with an invention – the creation of a revolutionary pealess whistle by professional referee Ron Foxcroft in 1987. Today, this still-unique whistle is the first choice of sports organizations worldwide – including the NFL, NCAA, NBA, CFL, FIBA and FIFA. But today the company that grew from the invention – Fox 40 International – is much more than a whistle company. There are Fox 40 products for the sports and leisure, promotional, marine, personal safety and disaster management markets – all offering that “something extra” you’d expect from a company founded on innovation.”
Fox 40 today produce 10′s of millions plastic pealess whistles as well as other product lines. These products are developed and produced in tight partnership with a group of select suppliers. Hamilton Stamping is one of these partners.

Fox 40 had a challenge. Their plastic whistle (which was a pealess whistle) had become the standard for most sports except hockey. Fox 40 had invented a patented “stop clock” system for game timing which needed a whistle with a consistent standard tone to control it. The National Hockey League (NHL) also preferred the traditional metal whistle with the pea inside as it better suited their specific needs.

Fox 40 launched a worldwide search for a supplier who could produce a whistle built to the quality and the cost needed to compete with the current market leader in metal whistles. Their search brought them to us when they were made aware of Hamilton Stamping’s reputation of tackling challenges no one else would touch.
We developed several design prototypes in order to match the trademarked look of their plastic whistle and provide the required performance.

At Fox 40′s request, we further developed a very unique and innovative automated robotic soldering workstation which performed a complex soldering operation on the stamped brass whistles using lead free solder to assemble the whistle in one step. A final plating operation was used to provide a number of different finishes for the whistle.

The quality and cost competitiveness of this whistle has resulted in hundreds of thousands of these metal whistles being produced over the past three years. This whistle is also produced in different styles and is the official whistle of the NHL.


Hamilton Stamping eliminates product costs through innovation

Betacom is a company which brings the power of video and advanced micro circuitry together to create a new generation of breakthrough portable vision enhance solutions in the form of the VisAbleâ„¢ family of innovative, highly versatile vision enhancement aids.

Their challenge involved improving the system in which the battery was held in place on their Visual Video Telescope 300. . Their initial solution involved using off-the-shelf components, which they manually transformed at significant labour cost into a clip to meet their need.

One of our suppliers suggested to Betacom that Hamilton Stamping could offer a better solution. They phoned us and highlighted the problem. We agreed that their challenge was worth tackling. Betacom brought along some drawings and a suggested solution in the form of a special part which was screwed into place.

After much thought, we found a much more innovative solution in the form of a folded over stamped part which could simply be press fitted into place with very little insertion pressure. Using Pro-Engineer CAD/CAM software technology we designed the necessary parts to precisely fit their systems as described in their CAD/CAM models. This included changing their overall systems design for an optimum fit. To eliminate any concerns that it could work loose, we demonstrated that the part could not be removed without seriously damaging it.

The parts set consisted of two battery terminals (stamped from beryllium copper) and a battery retainer (stamped from ¾ hard 301 stainless steel). Over 5,000 sets have been produced.

For this customer, Hamilton Stamping developed an innovative solution to the customer’s needs and eliminated a labour intensive solution saving the customer significant costs.

Brass, Bronze, and Copper Parts

Brass washer

2″ Brass Washer produced from brass coil for use in a Smith valve in a freight car brake system using a compound blanking die

Brush Holder

2″ generator brush holder produced from water jet cut sheets of brass for a manufacturer of industrial brushes using multiple forming single stage dies.

Contact Assembly

3″ electrical contact assembly produced from EDM produced blanks using brass and copper sheet and shaped using multiple single stage forming dies and then assembled

battery contact

0.5″ battery contact produced from coils of beryllium copper using a multi-stage progressive tooling die for a manufacturer of video systems for the disabled

Bronze Spring

4″ Bronze Spring produced from coils of bronze for use in custom electrical equipments using multiple single stage dies

Wire Connector

2427 Wire Connector produced from coils of copper for use in custom electrical equipments using multiple single stage dies


3″ electrical contact produced from copper bar for use in custom electrical equipments using multiple single stage dies